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Build A Raspberry Pi Powered Mousetrap

How To Build A Raspberry Pi Powered Mousetrap

Catching mice in a home can be nasty. Some of the traps available on the market are designed to put the mouse out of its misery. However, as we all know, you can almost do anything with a Raspberry Pi! For mouse trapping, Alain Mauer has developed his own Raspberry Pi Mouse Trap, dubbed the […]

A Rubix Cube Solver That Uses The Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The Rubik Cube Solver That Uses A Pi Compute Module

I was blown away by this impressive device when I first saw it on the Raspberry Pi blog. The machine, called the Cube Solver, uses a Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Combined with clever algorithms that trigger the machine to move the cube, the device will solve your Rubix Cube for you. Pretty neat! If you’re […]

Sensly - The Pollution Sensing HAT for the Raspberry Pi

Sensly – The Pollution Sensor HAT For The Raspberry Pi

A new exciting product has hit Kickstarter and has already reached its target funding goal of £10,000. The product is called Sensly and it’s a smart gas sensing device that is designed to be used indoors. It detects various gases that can be harmful to humans at certain levels. As you can see in the […]

Servos that are controlled with your hand motion. This device also uses a Raspberry Pi

Motion-controlled Servos Using A Raspberry Pi

Being able to have an object mirror what your hands are doing is incredible. This is what the team at PubNub have managed to do and it looks fantastic. To make it even better, they use a Raspberry Pi! The team used Leap Motion, a Raspberry Pi, four Tower Pro Micro Servos, and an Adafruit PWM Servo […]

The Finished Version of the Arduino Watch

Build An Arduino Watch Loaded With Awesome Features

An Arduino watch is a novel idea. However, an Arduino watch with altitude, temperature, and a pedometer installed onto it is even better! Earlier this week, I posted about an Arduino Chess Clock, and this watch was actually made by the same user who created that. Apparently the Arduino watch was very easy to make. The amounted costs […]

Raspberry Pi Camera Footage From A Rocket Launch

Raspberry Pi Camera Footage From A Rocket Launch

I’ve seen plenty of interesting projects over the last few weeks, but this one is particularly awesome. In a way, it reminds me a little of the PiJuice Kickstarter campaign video where we fired a model rocket with a Raspberry Pi. That was a lot of fun! Although, I do think this video tops ours! […]

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a bat detection device!

Turn a Raspberry Pi into a bat detection device!

Different to the usual Raspberry Pi robots and arcade machines, this device is rather unique. The Raspberry Pi Foundation blogged about it earlier this week and that’s where I spotted it. Two makers over in Germany called Henrike and Holger Körber have managed to make a bat detection device that uses a Raspberry Pi. They’ve used […]

Picture of the Arduino Chess Clock - Multi-game Box

Arduino Chess Clock – Multi-game Box

Last week I spotted an innovative Arduino Smartwatch that was an awesome project. Now, from the same guy who created this watch, he has now made an Arduino chess clock and a creative multi game box. The clocks can be programmed in a variety of ways to play different games. For example, if you play […]

Raspberry Pi Audio Player

A Sleek Raspberry Pi Audio Player

This Raspberry Pi Audio Player is a wonderful project. Not only is the design minimal and simplistic (there isn’t even a power button), but to turn it on, all you do is swipe a magnet over the front LED and the Raspberry PI powers itself up! It’s main components are a Raspberry Pi Model B with […]

RasPiLapse - A DIY Raspberry PI Timelapse Dolly

Construct A (RasPiLapse) DIY Timelapse Camera Rig

Even though this project is a few years old, it’s still a useful tutorial. Considering pro rigs for this sort of application are very expensive, building a DIY version using a Raspberry PI is the next best option! Take a look at the examples of the RasPiLapse in action. I think this DIY rig works […]