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The New Issue Of The MagPi That's Now In Print

Issue 36 Of The MagPi Is Now In Print!

It’s been an exciting day for the Raspberry Pi community as The Magpi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, has moved from just being an online magazine, to in print too! They’ve created a world class magazine that has been put together so well. It costs £5.99, and is over 100 pages, featuring a variety of […]

A Raspberry Pi timelapse Camera set up in a coffee tin

A Raspberry Pi Timelapse Camera In A Coffee Tin

Recently, we’ve been posting articles and tutorials about Raspberry Pi arcades, gaming systems and even flight monitoring projects. However, I’ve been looking for a project to work on with a Raspberry Pi camera. This project is designed to create a weatherproof Raspberry Pi timelapse camera. To make it watertight, they’re using a coffee tin which […]

Instruct Your Raspberry Pi With Just Your Voice

Instruct Your Raspberry Pi With Just Your Voice

A keen Raspberry Pi user, called Steven Hickson, has been experimenting with using voice commands on a Raspberry Pi to control a variety of applications. According to Steven, the software is very flexible and you can even assign devices keywords, plug them into the software, and control them too. An application this could be used […]

Raspberry Pi Aircraft Monitor

PiAware – A Raspberry Pi Aircraft Monitor

    This map, made up of Aircraft data, from FlightAware, is used for tracking planes globally. Recently, Raspberry Pi owners have had their chance to help by providing FlightAware with any aircraft that have been flying above them. The data is then fed to FlightAware to improve their service These Raspberry Pi users who […]

Configuring a Raspberry Pi powered VPN

Configuring a Raspberry Pi powered VPN

Today, whilst checking up on the news via the BBC website, I spotted an on how to set up and create your own Raspberry Pi powered Virtual Private Network (VPN). Incase you haven’t of a VPN before, a virtual private network allows you to surf the web more anonymously as your traffic will go via […]

A Raspberry Pi Arcade Table

A Raspberry Pi Arcade Table

Here is another fun project I found over the weekend while thinking of something Pi related to work on. Apart from the project looking exciting to work on, unfortunately it’s a project which takes up plenty of space as it uses a piece of furniture that resembles a cocktail cabinet. However, take a look at the […]

Teach Your Raspberry Pi Robot To Follow Lines

Teach Your Raspberry Pi Robot To Follow Lines!

In recent posts, we’ve covered how to teach your robot to avoid obstacles and learn basic motor controls. For this post, the Raspberry Pi Guy is going to demonstrate how your robot can follow lines! Watch the tutorial below:

PaPiRus - The ePaper Screen For Your Raspberry Pi

PaPiRus Software Is Here!

Since the PaPiRus Kickstarter ended just a over a month ago, we have been a little quiet when it comes to updates for this project. However, we intend to post an update very soon! In the meantime, we have been making progress and now have the final version of the PaPiRus software ready to go! The […]

Learn How To Avoid Obstacles With Your Raspberry Pi Robot

Discover How To Avoid Obstacles With Your Raspberry Pi Robot

Today, we are blogging about how to avoid obstacles with your Raspberry Pi Robot. In case you missed our article yesterday, we talked about learning basic motor skills with your Pi robot. Matt Timmins-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guy, has been working on a wonderful Youtube video series on how to do certain functions with […]

Learn About Basic Motor Controls For Raspberry Pi Robots In This Tutorials

Learn About Basic Motor Control With Raspberry Pi Robots!

What could be a more satisfying Raspberry Pi project than making your own Raspberry Pi powered robot. From object avoidance and line following, to facial recognition, there’s so many fun features you can add to your robot. Incase your fairly new to the Pi community, the Raspberry Pi Guy has recently made a series of videos […]