How To Build A Raspberry Pi Powered Mousetrap

Catching mice in a home can be nasty. Some of the traps available on the market are designed to put the mouse out of its misery. However, as we all know, you can almost do anything with a Raspberry Pi!

For mouse trapping, Alain Mauer has developed his own Raspberry Pi Mouse Trap, dubbed the RaspiTrap, that is truly awesome.

His method solves the problem of mice infestations in a humane manner. The RaspiTrap waits for the mouse to enter the trap, drops a door down to stop the mouse escaping, takes a picture, and sends an email informing you that a mouse has been caught.

The best thing about this project is that Alain has provided all of the resources to build your own RaspiTrap. All of it is available on his website here.