The Guitar Boy That’s Powered By A Pi

This project is a thing of beauty! It’s a like a modified Game Boy that doubles up as a Guitar. You can’t get much more awesome than that!

The A and B buttons aren’t only in control of the actual Gameboy, but they are also used to control the tone dials and volume. I think if the sound quality can be improved slightly, this device would be fantastic.

“Created for the BitFix Gaming 2015 Game Boy Classic build-off, this Game Boy guitar plays both Pokemon and rock and roll!”

The person who made this great device is called Fibbef. He built the body for the guitar, added a screen, Raspberry Pi, and added the RetroPie games emulator on it. The result: a guitar that works, and a massive Game Boy that also works!

To learn more about how this work of art was put together, here’s a link to more details.