Motion-controlled Servos Using A Raspberry Pi

Servos that are controlled with your hand motion. This device also uses a Raspberry Pi

Being able to have an object mirror what your hands are doing is incredible. This is what the team at PubNub have managed to do and it looks fantastic. To make it even better, they use a Raspberry Pi!

The team used Leap Motion, a Raspberry Pi, four Tower Pro Micro Servos, and an Adafruit PWM Servo Driver. The way this works is you control the servos using the Leap Motion and the servos follow and duplicate the movements for both of your hands. What makes this even cooler are the 8×8 RGD LED Matrices which are connected to the servos. This means they LED Matrices will follow and react to your finger movements. 

Read the full post and tutorial from PubNub here

The Raspberry Pi Motion Tracking Device In Action!

The Raspberry Pi Motion Tracking Device In Action!