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Kickstarter Surveys All Delivered

This is just a quick one to let you all know that the “Backer Surveys” for our Kickstarter campaign (to gather your shipping information, contact details, and to pick up on any extra items you might have pledged for) have now been sent out. Please see the update on Kickstarter at the following link, and […]

First Pi Supply out in the wild…

Today we received an email from one of our fantastic FIRST EDITION backers, Nial Pearce, who has set up his beta Pi Supply in record time…we only sent the boards out on Wednesday, and he had it up and running by 4pm on Thursday. Fantastic effort by both Royal Mail and Nial – give yourself […]

Kickstarter Update – Multiple Device Orders

Since starting the Kickstarter campaign we have received a number of questions asking whether people could order more than one Pi Supply. We are delighted to inform you that we can now confirm that the answer is YES!! So if you have 3 Pis and you are annoyed at having to lean under the desk […]

You guys are awesome!

Wow…in just over a day from the launching of our Kickstarter we have already got more than 200% of our target of £750 and are well on our way to 100 backers! Have a look at the graphs on Kicktraq here for more detailed information – http://www.kicktraq.com/projects/pisupply/pi-supply-intelligent-power-switch-for-raspberry-p/#chart-daily We couldn’t have done this without your help, […]

Kickstarter Project Launched!

We have just launched the Pi Supply on the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. We have set a very reasonable target of £750 which is just enough to allow us to deliver the Pi Supply to you at a suitable price. We have already got some stretch goals in mind that we are investigating, but to reach […]

Raspberry Pi Switch

Adding An On / Off Switch To Your Raspberry Pi

As most of you know by now, the Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little Linux box with many wonderful features. Over the last year and a bit that the Raspberry Pi has been out in the wild, users have discovered that this little computer can do almost anything – and without crippling your wallet! However, […]