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Issue 15 of The MagPi is now live…

Issue 15 of The MagPi is now live and is available to download or read online as per usual. You can find the link to the PDF download copy here – http://www.themagpi.com/issue/issue-15/ Or alternatively you can view on the embedded viewer below:

Raspberry Pi Camera Board

Raspberry Pi Camera Board – Now In Stock!

We are delighted to announce that we have now received stock of the extremely popular Raspberry Pi Camera Board. This is possibly the most exciting add on board for the Raspberry Pi yet, and has been released as an official board by the Raspberry Pi foundation (which explains why it is so very popular!). Whilst […]

Raspberry Leaf in Situ

Raspberry Leaf – Time Saving GPIO Reference Guide

The Raspberry Leaf is an idea created by Simon Monk (a very well established tech writer – has written books on learning Python with both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, among many more) to enable easier and quicker interfacing and breadboarding with the Raspberry Pi. Printing and using the Raspberry Leaf is an extremely cheap […]

Raspberry Pi GPIO Cheat Sheet

Raspberry Pi GPIO Cheat Sheet

The Raspberry Pi GPIO Cheat Sheet was created by Pimoroni and Cyntech Components to aid with prototyping using the Raspberry Pi. It is a fantastic way to educate those new to GPIO interfacing on the Raspberry Pi as to what it is capable of and what the various pins do. However it also doubles as […]

Pi Supply Switch v1.1 Code Examples

Raspberry Pi The code on this page has been superseded, you can find the new scripts on our GitHub repository. Use the code below only if you are using Wheezy. Python There are two ways to implement this in Python…with a while loop, or using interrupts. Below can be found some code examples to use […]

Pi Supply Switch v1.1 Assembly Instructions

Please find below the assembly instructions for the Pi Supply Switch v1.1. We will soon have a full picture guide here, but until then the following are the positions. The PCB is labelled with the component positions. We recommend you assemble them in this order: R1 and R2: Resistor 22k R3 and R4: Resistor 10k […]

Raspberry Pi Handbook and DVD

The latest Raspberry Pi resource – Raspberry Pi Handbook

We are delighted to announce that we have just taken delivery of stock of the latest Raspberry Pi resource – the Raspberry Pi handbook. The handbook is packed full of great articles, including some on getting started with your Pi, skills, server tricks, hardware hacks, programming the GPIO and other more advanced topics. There is […]

Quick2Wire Raspberry Pi Combo Kit

Quick2Wire Boards Now In Stock!!

We are delighted to announce that we now have all of the Quick2Wire interface board kits in stock and listed for sale on our website! These expansion boards are a fantastic addition to your Raspberry Pi, and also a great introduction to electronics and soldering too. If you are worried about breaking your Raspberry Pi […]

The prototype board has arrived!

Today was another exciting day at Pi Supply HQ, with yet another delivery. This time it was the long awaited prototype board! The quality is visually great…just need to assemble and test it, and then we can give it the go ahead. Here are some pictures for you of the board: You can also see […]

Schematic and other downloads added!

For those of you who check back onto our site on a regular basis, you may have noticed already that over the weekend we added some files to the downloads section of the site. The files we just added are the schematic and Gerber files for the v1.0 and v1.1 of the Pi Supply Switch […]