Sensly – The Pollution Sensor HAT For The Raspberry Pi

Sensly - The Pollution Sensing HAT for the Raspberry Pi

A new exciting product has hit Kickstarter and has already reached its target funding goal of £10,000. The product is called Sensly and it’s a smart gas sensing device that is designed to be used indoors. It detects various gases that can be harmful to humans at certain levels. As you can see in the picture above, the case design looks fantastic! Not only is all the data from Sensly sent to a web app, but the front lights also help to give a visual representation of the current gas levels.

Not only this, they have developed a Raspberry Pi version of Sensly called the Sensly HAT. It doesn’t come with the sleek looking case, but it does include all of the sensors. According to the team behind Sensly, there are plenty of applications in which Sensly can be used for (see below).

The Kickstarter still has 13 days left. If you want to support it, visit the link below.

Sensly – A Smart, Pollution Sensor For Your Home

Sensly HAT for the Raspberry Pi