Raspberry Pi Camera Footage From A Rocket Launch

I’ve seen plenty of interesting projects over the last few weeks, but this one is particularly awesome. In a way, it reminds me a little of the PiJuice Kickstarter campaign video where we fired a model rocket with a Raspberry Pi. That was a lot of fun!

Although, I do think this video tops ours! The Portland State Aerospace Society attached a Pi camera to a rocket that they launched in Oregon in July.

Onboard the rocket they had two Raspberry Pis with Pi cameras. This was so they could livestream footage for two angles. The Portland Aerospace Society also have a great gallery of pictures of the launch.


Watch and enjoy this video!


You’ll find plenty of technical information in PSAS’ GitHub repository for this launch, and enthusiasts will be interested to know that they’ve promised more telemetry data over the next several months. There’s also an excellent gallery of launch photos taken from the ground, including the moment of lift-off from a more conventional viewpoint.