Pi Supply bit:buggy Project 06 – Remote Control

In this project we will show you how you can use two micro:bit to communicate and control the other one. Here we can use one micro:bit to control out bit:buggy.

Connect your hardware

If you haven’t done so already, connect the left servo wheel to P1 and the right servo wheel to P2.


Remote control micro:bit

Program link – https://makecode.microbit.org/_EWrf6yHy3Fij

 bit:buggy micro:bit

Program link – https://makecode.microbit.org/_g8DbDH1D9UdH


Press the button A, the car turns left; press the button B, the car turns right; press the button A and B together, the car reverses.

Taking it further

How can you control running speed of the car in a remote distance?

Project Examples

First published at 5:40pm on October 29, 2019
Last updated at 1:18pm on December 12, 2019