Pi Supply bit:buggy Project 03 – Turn at an angle

In project 2 we showed you how to create a shape by turning the bit:buggy. Now in this project we are going to turn in a full circle and using a pen or pencil we can draw shapes onto some paper or card. In this project we are going to draw a full circle using the bit:buggy.

Connect your hardware

If you haven’t done so already, connect the left servo wheel to P1 and the right servo wheel to P2.

Use a rubber band to fix a pencil on the base board of the Ring:bit car.


Step 1 – Snap in place the block “go straight at full speed” into the “On start” block. The port number is the actual servo connection port.

Step 2 – Snap into place the “left wheel speed right wheel speed” under the “On button A pressed” block. Set the left wheel speed at 10 and the right wheel speed to 50.

Step 3 – Snap into place the “break” block into the “On button B pressed” block.

Step 4 – Upload your code to the bit:buggy.

Here is the program link – https://makecode.microbit.org/_DA7DzKX8VMfm


When you press the “A” button on the micro:bit it will then begin to draw a full circle. When you press button “B” it will stop the bit:buggy from drawing a circle.

Taking it further

How can you make the bit:buggy draw a figure of eight?

Project Examples

First published at 1:04pm on October 1, 2019
Last updated at 12:14pm on December 12, 2019