Pi Supply bit:buggy Project 04 – Here comes the Police

In this project we are going to introduce you to the LED module attached to the bottom of the bit:buggy. We are going to create a little Police bit:buggy that will chase you around whilst flashing its lights on and off.

Connect your hardware

If you haven’t done so already, connect the left servo wheel to P1 and the right servo wheel to P2.

Slide the clip switch of the special expansion board to the Rainbow LED.


Step 1 – Snap on the block “set left wheel at P1 right wheel at P2” on the “on start” block. The port numbers here are base don the actual servo motors connected.

Now add “go straight at full speed”

Finally snap together then “set strip to”  with the block “NeoPixel at pin P0 with 2 leds as RGB (GRB Format)”, it should look something like below. All these block must be placed in the correct order under “On start”.

Step 2 – Within the forever block, snap below blocks in line:

  • show color red block
  • pause(ms) 100 block
  • show color blue block
  • pause(ms) 100 block

Step 3 – Upload your code to the bit:buggy

Here is the program link – https://makecode.microbit.org/_6MxWgCYkW9j9


The bit:buggy will move straight at full speed whilst flashing its LEDs red and blue alternate to simulate a Police car.

Taking it further

How can you make your bit:buggy flash white and yellow, whilst moving in different directions. Can you add flashing indicators on whilst turning left or right?

Project Examples





First published at 1:58pm on October 29, 2019
Last updated at 12:56pm on December 12, 2019