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Raspberry Pi 4 Hardware Specs & Comparison

Raspberry Pi 4 Hardware Specs & Comparison Always expect the unexpected – Raspberry Pi foundation have today (June 24th 2019) released the latest Raspberry Pi 4 despite many sources adamant it will not be released until 2020. So whats new then? Well most of us would have guessed a new smaller chip being used since […]

NatureJuice Assembly Featured

PiJuice NatureJuice Project

In this guide we will show you how to put together the famous NatureBytes Wildlife Cam Case so that it runs a Raspberry Pi completely off grid running off the PiJuice. This specific project has been designed to run using the PiJuice Zero which will be available for purchase shortly. This project requires the PIR to […]

PiJuice Zero Quick Start Guide

The PiJuice is a great addition to any project, and now even more so since we have shrunk down the PiJuice HAT into a pHAT form factor to suit the Raspberry Pi Zero. Keeping all the same functionality of the HAT but excluding some buttons, headers etc we also added a neat battery connector allowing […]

Getting Started with the Raspberry Pi LoRa Node pHAT

Our IoT LoRa Node pHAT allows you to create an inexpensive LoRa node, compatible with The Things Network, in conjunction with a Raspberry Pi or other single board computers. This pHAT allows quicker prototyping as it has the LoRa stack on the chip. Add sensors, buttons and more to complete your LoRa network! Uses RAK811 […]

PiJuice WhatsApp notifications via Twilio

PiJuice HAT and pHAT are a great portable power solution to your Raspberry Pi projects. However, your Raspberry Pi may be in a remote location or you may find yourself not having physical access to the Raspberry Pi and its important to keep tabs on how it performing especially when you find that your primary […]

PiJuice Weather Station Project

This project will show you how to build a basic weather station using some easy-to-source components, the Raspberry Pi and powered by only the PiJuice portable battery solution and compatible solar panels. This project will be a truly off the grid solution to powering your projects all day and night, taking valuable sensor readings of […]

How to setup your JustBoom HAT as a Bluetooth Speaker

This guide is a draft copy of how to setup your Raspberry Pi as a Bluetooth speaker. The following instructions were tested using the JustBoom DAC HAT and a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with the latest version of Raspbian OS. Launch the BlueZ command line interface: Setup a pairing agent: agent on default-agent Make the Raspberry […]

How to save power on your Raspberry Pi

If your Raspberry Pi project is running on battery power, such as the PiJuice, then you will be looking at ways to save as much unused power consumption on the Raspberry Pi as possible. This guide is for those users and we have come up with some ways which can save you hundreds of milliamps […]

How to connect your Bluetooth Games Controller to your Raspberry Pi using RetroPie

The most recent versions of RetroPie include the packages needed for setting up a PS3 controller. Connecting over USB is Plug-and-Play–literally just plug your controller into the Pi while EmulationStation is running and it should detect a gamepad to configure. Connecting a PS3 controller via Bluetooth requires installation of a special PS3 driver located in […]

How to assemble your Media Centre HAT Case

Our media centre HAT case has been design to neatly house your Raspberry Pi and Media Centre HAT whilst still giving you access to the touchscreen and IR on the HAT. It also has some advanced mounting features such as suction cups for mounting on a flat surface and a handy little stand for your […]