This is a quick guide to show you how to assemble the LoRa Gateway HAT to the Raspberry Pi using the provided mounting hardware.

What you need

Getting Started

Step 1 – Open up the packet that should include the nylon screws and stand offs a well as a GPIO extending header. Screw 4 standoffs to the underside of the LoRa Gateway HAT.

Step 2 – Take the GPIO header extension and attach it to the Raspberry Pi on top of the GPIO header. Make sure the pins are aligned and push down as far as it will go.

Step 3 – Place the LoRa Gateway HAT on top of the Raspberry Pi, carefully aligning the pins to slot through the header on the gateway HAT.

Step 4 – Finally screw in the remaining 4 screws to the standoffs from underneath the Raspberry Pi to secure everything in place.

Note: If you having trouble with some screws you need to apply some force to the screw making sure it straight and then do a slow half turn.

Step 5 – At this point you can connect the GPS module to the Gateway HAT if you have one. It will simply slot into the header labeled GPS.

Step 6 – Now connect your antenna. Place the ufl connector over the antenna slot on the LoRa module and push down firmly until it clicks into place.

Now that you have the board assembled go checkout the software guide to learn how to download, install and configure the LoRa Gateway –

First published at 4:08pm on July 8, 2020
Last updated at 4:37pm on August 19, 2020