This is a quick guide to show you how to connect a UART GPS module to the LoRa Gateway HAT and how to configure it in the Gateway software.

What you will need

Getting Started

Step 1 – First you will need to solder the header to the GPS module if it is supplied separately. The pins must be extruding underneath the board and soldered on top as in the figure below.

Step 2 – Connect the GPS antenna to the GPS module. You can use the supplied antenna or you can also connect a external antenna.

Step 3 – Attach the GPS module to the LoRa Gateway HAT to the header labelled GPS. The GPS module must fit over the top of the LoRa module as in the figure below.

Software Configuration

Step 1 – Load the LoRa Gateway software as per the guide here –

Step 2 – Open up the LoRa gateway page and head over to “Packet Forwarder Config” page – http://iotloragateway.local/configurePacketForwarder.php

Step 3 – Scroll down to the bottom and enable the GPS module

Step 4 – Click on “Update Configuration” and reboot the system under “System Controls”

First published at 2:55pm on July 13, 2020
Last updated at 9:24pm on July 14, 2020