In this quick guide we are going to show you how to connect a JustBoom HAT to a Raspberry PI 1 board. I’m sure many of you have a Pi 1 board laying around that isn’t getting used much or stored away in a draw somewhere.

Most Raspberry Pi expansion boards known as HATs have a 40 pin header like most modern Raspberry Pi boards and this is the HAT specification. However it is still possible to connect these HATs to the Raspberry Pi 1 which has a 26 pin header as well as an additional 8 pin header on P5. This can be done using jumper wires, which we will show you.

What you need

  • Raspberry Pi 1 Model B
  • JustBoom HAT
  • Female to Male jumper wires or Female to Female if using the P2 header on the DAC HAT
  • 2×4 way male to male header or two 1×4 way male to male header, 2.54″

Getting Started

Step 1 – First you will need to solder a small header on the Raspberry Pi 1 on the unpopulated header known as P5. You can solder a 2×4 way 2.54″ header or you can solder two 1×4 way 2.54″ male to male header.

Step 2 – In the next process you will need to connect the jumper wires from the Raspberry Pi 1 to the JustBoom HAT according to the pins below.

Raspberry Pi 1PinJustBoom HAT GPIO pinPin

Step 3 – Insert your SD card into the Raspberry Pi and connect the power cable. You should see the red LED on the JustBoom HAT light up to indicate it has power. Alternatively you can back power the Raspberry Pi if you have an AMP HAT.

Follow the software guide here – for further information and you can checkout the pins for each HAT here –

First published at 1:57pm on August 21, 2020
Last updated at 2:04pm on August 21, 2020