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Pi Supply Switch Assembly Instructions

Please find below the assembly instructions for the Pi Supply Switch v1.1. We will soon have a full picture guide here, but until then the following are the positions. The PCB is labelled with the component positions. We recommend you assemble them in this order: R1 and R2: Resistor 22k R3 and R4: Resistor 10k […]

How to assemble your PiJuice Case

This guide will show you how to assemble your PiJuice case with your Raspberry, PiJuice and any additional HAT you may wish to stack, whilst highlighting some of its additional features. The PiJuice Short Case is the prefect enclosure for the PiJuice HAT and the Raspberry Pi. It has been designed so that it can […]

IoT LoRa Gateway – SD Card Image Setup

The IoT LoRa Gateway can be setup with a few different methods. In this tutorial we will show you how to set it up using our SD Card Image & LoRaWAN Provider The Things Network. Our guide uses the pre-built SD Card image which has all of the software already installed and ready for use […]

How to control your JustBoom Player with Amazon Alexa

This tutorial is a simple way of controlling your JustBoom audio boards using the JustBoom OS REST API and Amazon Alexa. This method does not require any complicated coding from Amazon AWS or JustBoom plugins but rather uses the cloud service IFTTT and the built-in REST APIs from JustBoom OS to make calls. Raspberry Pi […]

Getting Started with Pi-hole – Your Network-wide ad blocker

Pi-supply and Pi-hole have partnered together to bring you a complete Pi-hole solution – a device that allows you to block those annoying ads for every computer device on your local network. The Pi-hole acts as a Domain Name System (DNS) server, something that sits in-between you and the internet. This allows the Pi-hole to […]

Getting Started with RTk Motor Controller Board

The new and improved RTK-000-001-V3 / Motor Controller Board for Raspberry Pi is now pre-soldered and features a new and improved design breaking out the GPIO Pins to the side of the board. The Ryanteck Raspberry Pi Motor Controller Board is a simple to use & budget friendly motor controller board for the Raspberry Pi […]

Getting Started with RTk Traffic HAT

The Traffic HAT is designed for beginners to teach the basics of programming the real world with a traffic light sequence of LEDs. The HAT has 3 on-board LEDs (Red, Yellow, Green) with a push button and piezo buzzer. The Traffic HAT Comes as a half soldered, half kit package. The 40 way header, HAT […]

Getting Started with the RTk.GPIO Board

The RTK GPIO board allows you to connect the world of physical computing to you desktop PC or laptop. The RTK GPIO board emulates the original Raspberry Pi 40-pin GPIO header allowing you to program for the Raspberry Pi on your computer. The board is fully compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux and supports […]

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered Steampunk Jukebox Running Google Music

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi Powered Steampunk Jukebox Running Google Music I have seen several different variations of different makers creating some really awesome Pi based radios and jukeboxes. I’ve also been hauling around my Great-Grandparents tube radio for about a dozen years with the intent of revitalizing it in some fashion. Here’s how I […]

PaPiRus ePaper Animations for Halloween

PaPiRus ePaper Animations for Halloween on Raspberry Pi

Halloween festivities are always lurking around the corner. Zombies and witches will be knocking at your door and you will need something to scare them away. This tutorial is going to show you how to create epaper animations to be displayed on PaPiRus. Here is a demo video of what you will be creating. Although […]