How To Get Raspbian Jessie On To A 4GB SD Card

How To Get Raspbian Jessie On To A 4GB SD Card

The Raspberry Pi Foundation recently announced they were releasing Raspbian Jesse. Everyone in the community has been very excited by this! One issue a few people is the struggle to fit the Jesse image onto 4GD SD cards, as the image size is 4.3GB. Obviously, the easy solution would be to purchase 8GB cards. However, […]

Raspberry Pi Nightvision Goggles

Make Your Own Raspberry Pi Night Vision Goggles

Night vision goggles are awesome. No question about it. However, Raspberry Pi Night Vision Goggles that you can make yourself are even better! Items needed for this project: Raspberry Pi Model A Quanum googles. NOIR camera. IR light source. Wireless keyboard and mouse. SD card with raspbian operating system. BEC (Battery Elimination Circuit to power the […]

Wordclock Redux


Wordclock is an awesome clock developed by Bernd and his team. This clock is now customisable with plugins. For example, it currently uses a plugin that shows time in words. Different plugins allow other display options, alternate menu buttons, show letters as pixels to display low resolution animations. You can also view sunrise/sunset information and […]

Raspberry Pi Coffee Table Arcade

Raspberry Pi Coffee Table Arcade

I think every Raspberry Pi enthusiast would like a custom made Pi coffee table like this! It’s a Raspberry Pi arcade built into an IKEA coffee table. The Instructable tutorial gives you a good run through out how to build the table, but also plenty of inspiration on ideas for how to improves yours and […]

Autonomous Raspberry Pi Lawnmower

Autonomous Raspberry Pi Powered Lawnmower

This Raspberry Pi Lawnmower caught my eye this week. Three brother from Salt Lake City created this ingenious device while at a 24 hour StarFEST hackathon. Dan, Doug and David Leonard decided they wanted to use off the shelf devices to make the lawnmower autonomous. They ended up removing the back axel and replacing it […]

The cover of The MagPi - Issue 38 October Edition

Issue 38 of The MagPi Is Now Available!

  The latest MagPi print edition for October is now available to purchase. For just £5.99, you’ll have access to some of the latest tips and tutorials from: How To build a Raspberry Pi Robot for £50 Build a Web powered plant waterer Make music with the piano HAT Learn more about the space aged Sense […]