Make A Toy Car That’s Powered By A Raspberry Pi

A Toy Monster Truck Powered by A Raspberry Pi

One of our favourite Pi projects this week is a toy truck that’s powered by a Raspberry Pi.

You don’t even need a working toy truck or car to begin with. You’ll be modifying it anyway with the Raspberry Pi and Adafruit’s DC & Stepper Motor Pi HAT to the current electronics on the truck.

In terms of controlling the Pi truck, there are two ways to do this. You can either use:

A KeyBoard Controller – If you’re a PC computer gamer, the instructable guide shows you how to use a python program on your Pi that allows you to control the truck with a wireless keyboard.

Tablet/Smartphone – You can use a tablet or smartphone to control the truck. This is done by opening up the flask controller web app on your mobile browser, and connecting to the Raspberry Pi’s WiFi network.

For more information on how to make this project a reality, follow this instructable guide.