Issue 36 Of The MagPi Is Now In Print!

It’s been an exciting day for the Raspberry Pi community as The Magpi, the official Raspberry Pi magazine, has moved from just being an online magazine, to in print too! They’ve created a world class magazine that has been put together so well. It costs £5.99, and is over 100 pages, featuring a variety of features, competitions and tutorials. If you’re only beginning to get into the Raspberry Pi, then I suggest picking up a copy of this magazine to help you.

There’s also an opportunity to win a Raspberry Pi in this issue, as well as some interesting reads, such as:
– How to get started with a Raspberry Pi
– Using 3D printing, and controlling the 3D Printer with your Pi
– A tutorial on Scratch
– Using Python to create the solar system on your Raspberry Pi
– And plenty more!

I’m excited to pick up a copy of the MagPi and if you’re interested too, here’s where you can learn more about it.

The New Issue Of The MagPi That's Now In Print

The New Issue Of The MagPi That’s Now In Print – Credit: The Raspberry Pi Foundation