A Raspberry Pi Timelapse Camera In A Coffee Tin

Recently, we’ve been posting articles and tutorials about Raspberry Pi arcades, gaming systems and even flight monitoring projects. However, I’ve been looking for a project to work on with a Raspberry Pi camera.

A Raspberry Pi timelapse Camera set up in a coffee tin

A Raspberry Pi timelapse Camera set up in a coffee tin

This project is designed to create a weatherproof Raspberry Pi timelapse camera. To make it watertight, they’re using a coffee tin which works perfectly as all the necessary components fit tightly into the container.

Compared to some of the previous tutorials we’ve blogged about in the past, this project is much easier and perfect for a Raspberry Pi novice. Here, they are using the timelapse camera coffee tin at the beach which I’m sure would collect some great images.

Using the Raspberry Pi Timelapse camera at the beach

The coffee tin timelapse camera at the beach!

Another potential application for this is a wildlife monitor. By placing it in your garden, you could monitor what wildlife comes in and out throughout the day!

Follow the tutorial here