ECG / EEG Raspberry Pi HAT – Stay Up To Date On Progress!

The idea for an ECG / EEG Raspberry Pi HAT is something we have been planning for some time, and it’s now finally coming together! Here is the first draft:

Pi Supply Brain-computer Iterfacing (BCI) Board ECG / EEG Raspberry Pi HAT

Brain-Computer Interfacing (BCI) Board

The idea is to allow control of the Rasberry Pi and other computers with these devices and a number of electrodes that will attach to the users head with a 3D printable headset. It also is useful for scientific purposes as well as for assisting in the development of medical devices (checking brainwaves, muscle signals, heart signals etc). The board is designed as a Raspberry Pi HAT module, but will work with other micro-computers and microcontrollers as well as in a standalone mode – streaming data to a smartphone/computer or to the onboard microSD storage.  We plan to keep this entirely open source (both hardware and software) and we’re keen for people to try it out as soon as we have samples. We want this to be a community driven project and we are really keen to get a number of people started developing awesome projects and software for the platform…this is, in our opinion, the only way to harness the full potential of the product.

We’re getting close to the stage where we’d like beta testers to try this out and we will be providing around 20 to 50 samples to community members free of charge in the first instance. If you’re interested, sign up for email notifications below and we will keep you updated on progress!

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We have plans to sell the boards in the future, probbly by way of a Kickstarter project, and are aiming for a price (including electrodes) of under £100 but preferably around the £50 mark. These are only ballpark figures at this point and we will provide more accurate figures as we progress with the project. The best way to stay updated about the project is by signing up to the above mailing list.

We hope you like the product – and we have yet to name it so please leave name suggestions in the comments!