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JustBoom – High Quality Audio for the Raspberry Pi

The way we listen to music is about to change. Today, everyone can carry their heart’s content of stored or streamed music in their pockets with great ease, but everyday hardware could bring you so much more. Here at Pi Supply, we have always desperately wanted to expand into the elusive world of high-quality audio, […]

ECG / EEG Raspberry Pi HAT – Stay Up To Date On Progress!

The idea for an ECG / EEG Raspberry Pi HAT is something we have been planning for some time, and it’s now finally coming together! Here is the first draft: The idea is to allow control of the Rasberry Pi and other computers with these devices and a number of electrodes that will attach to […]

Postage Dates for Christmas and New Year 2015

It is nearing Christmas and we are already seeing a huge surge in orders with people looking for last minute bargains for their presents. Because of this, we wanted to put together a little guide to explain how we would be operating over the Christmas period. We recognise that many people will be ordering Christmas […]