The MagPi Magazine – Available To Purchase Here Now

We are extremely delighted to announce that we have recently become an official retailer of The MagPi magazine.

This is extremely exciting for us because, as some of you may know already, I am heavily involved in volunteering for the magazine and have put a lot of time and effort into what has to be one of the best community resources available for the Raspberry Pi (if you ask me it is the best – but I suppose I would say that…).

The MagPi Magazine - Issues 1 to 8

If you have not heard of the magazine before, it is a publication dedicated to the Raspberry Pi and is packed with exciting hardware and software projects as well as plenty of interviews, competitions and other fantastic content. It has been available to read completely free of charge online at since May 2012 and is now onto its 15th issue as of August 2013. It is completely run by volunteers, with magazine content supplied both by MagPi volunteers and members of the community.

The magazine was printed for the first time after issue 6 in October 2012, and in November/December 2012 a Kickstarter project was launched to bring the magazine from a virtual to a physical product. The project was setting out to print issues 1 to 8 of the magazine along with some stickers and a nice magazine binder to put them all in. This was wildly successful and has now sparked a huge effort to produce a printed version of the magazine each month.

Providing monthly printed copies of the magazine is a pretty mammoth task – since the magazine is run entirely by volunteers, most of whom have no experience with publishing or magazine production prior to their help with The Magpi. However, the day you have all been waiting for has arrived and the magazines are now available to purchase from a number of retail outlets (including us!!).

At the time of this announcement it is just issue 9 that is printed and available to purchase however the rest of the issues are coming shortly, as well as a monthly subscription service.

Stay tuned for more announcements, and check out the magazine shop page here –