Short Crust B+ Case Ready Soon!

As you have probably already heard by now, a new Raspberry Pi has been released called the Model B+. The new board has some major updates compared to the previous Model B including additional USB, additional GPIO, a change in the locations of connectors and much more (for a full overview I would suggest reading pages 22 to 24 in The MagPi Issue 26).

Because of this change, the old Short Crust case for the Model B will no longer work. Obviously behind the scenes a new version of the Short Crust is being worked on and due to the new layout of the Model B+ Raspberry Pi there has also been an opportunity to throw around a few ideas for what the new Short Crust could be.

As the original Short Crust case was specifically designed for the Model B board layout, it didn’t make sense to carry over some of the existing features for the Model B+ as it has a different layout and challenges. Rest assured however that the new case (that is now nearing a final design) continues to regard design, style, quality and ease of use as paramount.

The first prototypes of the new case have been created and pictures can be seen below:

Remember, these are just prototypes and some paint so the visual quality has a long way to go yet and will be far superior on the finished cases! There is obviously still a fair bit to do before we can get these cases to you. One more prototype needs to be made in order to finalise the design, the injection mould tooling needs to be made and the quality of sample parts needs to be checked. This means its going to take a little while longer until the case is ready to ship. At this stage we’re expecting we’ll have the case available for pre-orders in a few weeks and ready to ship sometime around October.

Stay tuned via our Twitter and Facebook pages to keep in the loop with more details, features and pictures as well as how to place pre-orders. Hope you can join us for the journey towards Short Crust for the Model B+ Raspberry Pi!