Quick2Wire Boards Now In Stock!!

We are delighted to announce that we now have all of the Quick2Wire interface board kits in stock and listed for sale on our website! These expansion boards are a fantastic addition to your Raspberry Pi, and also a great introduction to electronics and soldering too. If you are worried about breaking your Raspberry Pi by connecting things incorrectly to the GPIO ports, and this is stopping you from experimenting – these are the perfect boards for you as they offer some protection against accidents like this.

Suitable for even extreme beginners – most people could probably put the boards together by themselves just looking at the fantastic silk screen on the printed circuit board (PCB)! However, there are also some very easy to understand user guides, extensive software libraries and a large number of other resources to help you with these top notch kits.

The boards we have available are as follows:

Quick2Wire Raspberry Pi Interface Board Kit

The Quick2Wire Interface Board gives you easy access to all the features on your Raspberry Pi’s expansion header with added protection from burning the crust on your precious Pi!

Quick2Wire Raspberry Pi I2C PCF8591 Analogue Board

The Quick2Wire PCF8591 I2C Analogue Board has four 8-bit Analogue Inputs and one 8-bit Analogue Output. A simple Python API allows you to control the on-board PCF8591 chip and access all of its features for use with the Raspberry Pi. You can use the boards to measure four voltages and control one output voltage!

Quick2Wire Raspberry Pi I2C MCP23017 Port Expander Board Kit

The Quick2Wire Port Expander board for the Raspberry Pi, gives you an extra 16 GPIO pins which can be used for digital input or output. You’ll find code in the Quick2Wire Library to drive it from Python, along with examples of use.

So what are you waiting for? Purchase some Quick2Wire add on boards and start playing with your GPIO hassle free today – then you can make the most of that fantastic little $35 computer you just bought!