In this article we are going to show you how to setup a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with a Flick Large the same way we have done in our Flick gesture demo.

Putting everything together

This assembly doesn’t require any soldering and will just be a question of connecting the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with a different header so that you will be able to also connect the Flick large at the same time.

Parts for this project

To put the various boards together you will need to place the longer stacking header on the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT and once connected hook up the Flick Large too.

Don’t worry if your header doesn’t exactly look like the one in the picture, the important thing is that the metal part is at least 1.2 cm tall to allow for the Flick Large jumper cable to plug onto it.

The header goes in place of the one provided with the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT. Remove the original header of present and slide through the one we indicated above.

Once the header is in place you will need to install the Raspberry Pi Sense HAT on top of the Raspberry Pi as shown in the picture.

Finally connect the Flick Large cable. If you need more details on how to connect the Flick Large to the Raspberry Pi’s header please follow this link.

Note that Raspberry Pi with the Sense HAT can still fit in some cases like the Original Raspberry Pi 3 Case if you keep the top off.

Configuring the OS

This article has been specifically written to work with Raspbian. Follow this guide from the Raspberry Pi Foundation to download Raspbian and set it up.

You can follow our guide for Flick Large should you need clarification on how to install the Flick Large in its case

Once the OS is setup you will need to install the code for our Flick boards.

Download and configure the code to get the library and the script needed to run the demo.

Run the script

Directly via the keyboard and monitor plugged to you Raspberry Pi or via an SSH session type:


The Sense HAT should now welcome you with a scrolling text and then clear the display.
You should now be able to test the various gestures. Here is a list of gestures and what will be displayed on the Sense HAT.


  • Wheel – Displays a rotating green and blue circle
  • Flick – Displays a blue arrow
  • Tap – Displays a green bar or a green square
  • Double Tap – Displays a blinking green bar or a green square
  • Touch – Displays a shaded blue bar or a shaded blue square
  • XYZ – Displays a white dot which varies brightness when the finger is further or closer to the board


Where can I find additional information about setting up Flick

Check our main article should you need more information about getting started with Flick.


First published at 11:10am on August 31, 2017
Last updated at 10:46pm on July 19, 2018