How to assemble your HAT Holder for the Nebra IP67 Case

In this guide we will show you how to assemble your IP67 HAT Holder into the Nebra IP67 casing. We will also show you where to connect all your HATs on the HAT holder as well as where all the cables should be routed into the case. The HAT holder is the perfect addition to the Nebra IP67 case, allowing you to not only hold you Raspberry Pi board but also all your other HATs to. This case was specifically designed for use with the Pi Supply LoRa Gateway and the Pi Supply PoE HAT but it can be used with any other HAT or pHAT boards to suit your project needs.

What you will need

Installing your HAT holder

Step 1 – Open up the case and install the brass standoffs inside the case where the HAT holder will sit on top. There should be three in total.

Step 2 – Before we screw the HAT older to the standoffs you will need to add all the standoffs for your HAT boards as you will not be able to add them once you have screwed the HAT holder down.

Step 3 – Place the HAT holder into the case carefully aligning the holes with the brass standoffs. There should be three screws supplied that you need to screw into the holes to secure the Hat holder inside the case.

Step 4 – Now you can add the remaining HAT boards or all the HAT boards if you haven’t added some already.

Step 5 – Now you can add any cables that need connecting such as the PoE ethernet cables and the LoRa Gateway antenna cables too. Also it is important that you connect the ribbon cable from the Raspberry Pi GPIO header to the GPIO header on the HAT holder.

Adding an antenna

Coming soon!


First published at 5:27pm on January 7, 2020
Last updated at 12:34pm on January 15, 2020