The New Stable Version Of OSMC Is Here!

One year on since the OSMC team started working on the project, they’ve now reached a stable release! Here at Pi Supply we’re excited to see this final release!

Incase this is your first time hearing of OSMC,  Open Source Media Center (also known as OSMC), was founded in 2014 and is a free and open source media hub that runs on a number of devices, including the Raspberry Pi. It allows you to collate and play your media collection locally and over your network. Pretty cool!

The OSMC team have been involved with open source TV software for over five years, so they know what they’re doing, and the software is going to keep getting better and better every month with updates that will be incredibly easy to install.

Considering this project only started 1 year ago, the response has been incredible! The software itself has been tested already by 450,000 users, and there have been plenty of contributions from active users.

You may already be aware of software such as Crystalbuntu and Raspbmc, but OSMC has evolved considerably from those platforms, and is now capable of running on a variety of devices. Raspbmc and Crystalbuntu were focussed on the Raspberry Pi and Apple TV. In total, these two platforms had over 300,000 regular users.

Sam Nazarko, the project’s lead developer, has mentioned that they’re expanding OSMC onto desktop devices and thinks reaching 750,000 is a distinct possibility. They already plan to run on NVIDIA, AMD and Intel hardware products by September 2015.

Not only has OSMC developed a stunning platform, but also an incredible device called Vero that’s growing just as fast as OSMC itself. Incase you haven’t heard of Vero before, it’s a device that can do almost the same things a PC can. Plus, it’s extremely small, measuring just 2” x 2” x 1.6”.

If your excited to hear more and even download OSMC, then you can do that directly here at –

It’s fantastic to see a group of people, many who were volunteers, pull together and create such a top notch platform. Now the stable version is here, OSMC can now be used in cars, airports, homes, and hotels.

Here at Pi Supply, we’re very excited to see where OSMC will go!

 Again, you can download OSMC here! –