Learn About Basic Motor Control With Raspberry Pi Robots!

Learn About Basic Motor Controls For Raspberry Pi Robots In This Tutorials

Raspberry Pi Robot Tutorial – Click to View Video

What could be a more satisfying Raspberry Pi project than making your own Raspberry Pi powered robot. From object avoidance and line following, to facial recognition, there’s so many fun features you can add to your robot.

Incase your fairly new to the Pi community, the Raspberry Pi Guy has recently made a series of videos on how to make your own RasPi robot.

In this episode, the Raspberry Pi Guy shows you how to make a robot that is controlled wirelessly from a computer. For this example, he uses a Pi2Go-lite robot. You’ll also learn how to use a python program to make this all happen!

Over the coming weeks, we’ll post more of these videos here so you can explore the wonderful world for Raspberry Pi Robotics!