Build Yourself A Raspberry Pi Spy Tank

I actually spotted this project during Pi Day on Instructables where this project ended up winning first place. There are more and more people working on Raspberry Pi Robots and it’s great to see creators in the maker community adding their own twist to them.

This Raspberry Pi Spy Tank is a fantastic example of this. The case for the tank was completely 3D printed and originally it was a GoPiGo robot kit. However, the project creator wanted to make his own version. So, using the GoPiGo as the bare bones, he developed this.

Below the video, you can follow the instructions of how to make this Raspberry Pi Spy Tank. The guide is clear and detailed, and it could make as a fun weekend project to help get your kids into the world of hardware, programming, and 3D Printing.

Watch the video below to see it in action.

All in all, It’s a fun little Raspberry PI project that I recommend anyone who is looking to make a robot to try out. I especially like how he has incorporated 3D printing into the design.

You can follow all the steps for the design here!