Raspberry Leaf in Situ

Raspberry Leaf – Time Saving GPIO Reference Guide

The Raspberry Leaf is an idea created by Simon Monk (a very well established tech writer – has written books on learning Python with both the Raspberry Pi and Arduino, among many more) to enable easier and quicker interfacing and breadboarding with the Raspberry Pi. Printing and using the Raspberry Leaf is an extremely cheap […]

Pi Supply Switch v1.1 Code Examples

Raspberry Pi The code on this page has been superseded, you can find the new scripts on our GitHub repository. Use the code below only if you are using Wheezy. Python There are two ways to implement this in Python…with a while loop, or using interrupts. Below can be found some code examples to use […]

Pi Supply Switch v1.1 Assembly Instructions

Please find below the assembly instructions for the Pi Supply Switch v1.1. We will soon have a full picture guide here, but until then the following are the positions. The PCB is labelled with the component positions. We recommend you assemble them in this order: R1 and R2: Resistor 22k R3 and R4: Resistor 10k […]

Raspberry Pi Handbook and DVD

The latest Raspberry Pi resource – Raspberry Pi Handbook

We are delighted to announce that we have just taken delivery of stock of the latest Raspberry Pi resource – the Raspberry Pi handbook. The handbook is packed full of great articles, including some on getting started with your Pi, skills, server tricks, hardware hacks, programming the GPIO and other more advanced topics. There is […]

First Pi Supply out in the wild…

Today we received an email from one of our fantastic FIRST EDITION backers, Nial Pearce, who has set up his beta Pi Supply in record time…we only sent the boards out on Wednesday, and he had it up and running by 4pm on Thursday. Fantastic effort by both Royal Mail and Nial – give yourself […]